I Am the Cheese

The book I Am the Cheese was made into the movie I Am the Cheese.

Which one did you like better, the book or the movie?  There are 3 votes for the book, and 4 votes for the movie.

Book details for I Am the Cheese

I Am the Cheese was written by Robert Cormier. The book was published in 1977 by Dell Publishing Co., Inc.. More information on the book is available on

Robert Cormier also wrote The Chocolate War (1974) and The Bumblebee Flies Anyway (1983).

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Movie details for I Am the Cheese

The movie was released in 1983. I Am the Cheese was produced by Empire Pictures. More information on the movie is available on and also IMDb.

Actors on this movie include Robert MacNaughton, Hope Lange, Don Murray, Robert Wagner, Cynthia Nixon, Christopher Murray, John Bernek, Jeff Rumney, Frank McGurran, Sudie Bond, Robert Dutil, Dorothea MacNaughton, Milford Keene, Paul Romero, Robert Cormier, Joey Jerome, Ronnie Bradbury, Lee Richardson, David Lange and Russell Goslant.


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