The movie Tai-Pan was based on the book Tai-Pan.

Which one did you like better, the movie or the book?  There are 3 votes for the book, and 5 votes for the movie.

Movie details for Tai-Pan

The movie was released in 1986 and directed by Daryl Duke. More information on the movie is available on and also IMDb.

Actors on this movie include Bryan Brown, Joan Chen, John Stanton, Tim Guinee, Bill Leadbitter, Russell Wong, Katy Behean, Kyra Sedgwick, Janine Turner, Norman Rodway, John Bennett, Derrick Branche, Chuang Cheng, Rosemarie Dunham, Denise Kellogg, Barbara Keogh, Nicholas Gecks, Carol Gillies, Shu Chen and Dickey Beer.

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Book details for Tai-Pan

Tai-Pan was written by James Clavell. The book was published in 1983 by Dell. More information on the book is available on


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