The Mangler: (story)

The book The Mangler: (story) was made into the movie The Mangler.

Which one did you like better, the book or the movie?  There are 7 votes for the book, and 2 votes for the movie.

Movie details for The Mangler

The movie was released in 1995 and directed by Tobe Hooper, who also directed Lifeforce (1985). The Mangler was produced by New Line Home Entertainment. More information on the movie is available on

Actors on this movie include Robert Englund, Ted Levine, Daniel Matmor, Jeremy Crutchley, Vanessa Pike, Demetre Phillips, Lisa Morris, Vera Blacker, Ashley Hayden, Danny Keogh, Ted Le Plat, Todd Jensen, Sean Taylor, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Nan Hamilton, Adrian Waldron, Norman Coombes, Larry Taylor, Irene Frangs and Megan Wilson.


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