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Books starting with the letter 'D'

The Da Vinci Code (2003) by Dan Brown
Dad (1981) by William Wharton
Dagon (story) (2005) by H. P. Lovecraft
Damage (1991) by Josephine Hart
Dance of the Dwarfs (1968) by Geoffrey Household
Dance Real Slow (1996) by Michael Grant Jaffe
The Dancer Upstairs (1995) by Nicholas Shakespeare
Dances with Wolves (1988) by Michael Blake
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys (1994) by Chris Fuhrman
Dangerous Minds (1993) by LouAnne Johnson
A Dangerous Woman (1991) by Mary McGarry Morris
The Dark Half (1989) by Stephen King
Dark Water (2004) by Koji Suzuki
The Dark Wind (1982) by Tony Hillerman
The Day of Defense (1982) by A. Melvin McDonald
The Day of the Jackal (1971) by Frederick Forsyth
The Day the World Ended (1969) by Gordon Thomas
Dead Babies (1975) by Martin Amis
Dead Calm (1963) by Charles Williams
The Dead Heart (1994) by Douglas Kennedy
Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States (1993) by Helen Prejean
Dead Zone (1979) by Stephen King
Deadwood (1986) by Pete Dexter
Death and Life of Bobby Z (1997) by Don Winslow
The Death and Life of Dith Pran (1985) by Sydney Schanberg
The Death and Life of Miguel de Cervantes (1991) by Stephen Marlowe
Death of Napoleon (1991) by Simon Leys
Deathbite (1979) by Michael Maryk
Decameron (1931) by Giovanni Boccaccio
The Deep End of the Ocean (1996) by Jacquelyn Mitchard
The Defence (1964) by Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
The Deputy: (play) (1997) by Rolf Hochhuth
Derailed (2003) by James Siegel
Desert of the Heart (1964) by Jane Rule
The Desperate Hours (1954) by Joseph Arnold Hayes
Destroyer Series (1988) by Richard Sapir
Devil in a Blue Dress (1990) by Walter Mosley
The Devil Wears Prada (2003) by Lauren Weisberger
The Devil's Advocate (1990) by Andrew Neiderman
Devotion (1995) by Mindy Kaplan
Diggstown (1978) by Leonard Wise
Disclosure (1993) by Michael Crichton
Diva (1979) by Daniel Odier
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (1996) by Rebecca Wells
Divorce, Le (1997) by Diane Johnson
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) by Philip K. Dick
The Dogs of War (1974) by Frederick Forsyth
Doll's Eyes (1993) by Bari Wood
Dolores Claiborne (1993) by Stephen King
Don't Say a Word (1991) by Andrew Klavan
Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia (1987) by Joseph D. Pistone
The Dork of Cork (1993) by Chet Raymo
Dracula (2005) by Bram Stoker
The Dream Monger (1986) by Grant Hindin Miller
Dreamcatcher (2001) by Stephen King
Dreamhouse (1986) by Kate Grenville
Drive Me Crazy (1996) by Todd Strasser
Drugstore Cowboy (1990) by James Fogle
Dry White Season (1980) by Andre Brink
Dune (1965) by Frank Herbert
Dying Young (1990) by Marti Liembach