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Publishers starting with the letter 'G'

G. K. Hall & Company published Joshua (1983)
G.K. Hall published Romancing the Stone (1980)
G.K. Hall published The Aviator (1981)
G.P. Putnam's Sons published Whispers (1980)
Galaxy Press published Battlefield Earth (1982)
Gallimard published Butterfly (1946)
Gallimard published Chanel Solitaire (1971)
Gardners Books published Quartet (1928)
Gardners Books published Out of Africa (1938)
Gardners Books published The Princess and the Goblin (1993)
Gardners Books published Wide Sargasso Sea (1966)
Gardners Books published Everything Is Illuminated (2002)
Georges Borchardt published Secret Places (1981)
Gold Medal published Hell Hath No Fury (1953)
Goldmann published X-Men (story)
Gramercy published Wind in the Willows (1908)
Granta Books published The Road to Wellville (1993)
Granta Books published The Wives of Bath (1993)
Graywolf Pr published Mrs. Munck (1985)
Griffin published Mermaids (1986)
Grosset & Dunlap published The Postman Always Rings Twice (1934)
Grove Press published Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula (1990)
Grove Press published The Player (1988)
Grove Press published This Boy's Life: A Memoir (1989)
Grove Press published Love and Death on Long Island (1990)
Grove Press published Perdita Durango (1996)
Grove Press published A Gentleman's Game (2001)
Grove Press published The Deputy: (play) (1997)
Grove Press, Black Cat published Carlito's Way (1982)
Grove press, Inc. published Naked Lunch (1959)
Grove Publishing published The Minus Man (1991)
Guild published The Dark Half (1989)