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Publishers starting with the letter 'P'

PAN (MACM) published Last Legion (2003)
Pan Books Limited published The Fluke (1978)
Pan Books. published Theatre (1937)
Pantheon published The Scanner Darkly (1977)
Pantheon Books published The Life and Loves of a She-Devil (1984)
Panther published Miss Shumway Waves a Wand (1944)
Paperbackshop.Co.UK Ltd - Echo Library published Basil: A Story of Modern Life
Patmos published Traumnovelle (1926)
Pearson ESL published Pelican Brief (1992)
Pearson ESL published Frankenstein (2001)
Penguin published The Seed and the Sower (1963)
PENGUIN published Mosquito Coast (1981)
PENGUIN published Sheltering Sky (1949)
PENGUIN published Where Angels Fear to Tread (1905)
Penguin published Imaginary Crimes (1982)
PENGUIN published Felicia's Journey (1994)
PENGUIN published Asylum (1996)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Ordinary People (1976)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Wicked Lady (1946)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Ironweed (1979)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Siesta (1987)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published A Dangerous Woman (1991)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Music of Chance (1990)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Rich in Love (1987)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Last Good Time (1984)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Basketball Diaries (1978)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored (1989)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Van (1991)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Testimony of Taliesin Jones (1996)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Riding in Cars With Boys (1990)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published The Count of Monte Cristo (2001)
Penguin (Non-Classics) published Big Fish: A Novel of Mystic Proportions (1998)
Penguin Audio published Ideal Husband, An (play) (1998)
Penguin Audio published The Importance of Being Earnest: (play) (1998)
Penguin Audiobooks published Macbeth (play) (1997)
Penguin Books published The Human Factor (1978)
Penguin Books published Turtle Beach (1981)
Penguin Books published Bridget Jone's Diary (1998)
Penguin Books (NZ) published Came a Hot Friday (1964)
Penguin Books Australia Ltd. published The Power of One (1989)
Penguin Books Australia Ltd. published The Talented Mr. Ripley (1955)
Penguin Books Canada, Limited published A Good Man in Africa (1981)
Penguin Books Ltd published In the Name of the Father (1993)
Penguin Books Ltd published Searching for Bobby Fischer (1988)
Penguin Books Ltd published Intersection (1967)
Penguin Books Ltd published The Two Deaths of Seņora Puccini (1988)
Penguin Books Ltd published Hideous Kinky (1992)
Penguin Books Ltd published High Fidelity (1995)
Penguin Books Ltd published About a Boy (1998)
Penguin Books Ltd published Our Sunshine (1991)
Penguin Books Ltd published All the King's Men (1946)
Penguin Canada Inc published The 16th Round (1975)
Penguin Classics published Fools of Fortune (1983)
Penguin Classics published The Scarlet Letter (2002)
Penguin Classics published Sense and Sensibility (2003)
Penguin Classics published Great Expectations (2002)
Penguin Classics published The End of the Affair (1951)
Penguin Classics published Five Children and It (1902)
PENGUIN LONGMAN PUBL published Remains of the Day (1989)
Penguin Longman Publishing published The Body: (story)
Penguin Putnam~mass published Some Kind of Hero (1975)
Perennial published Mister Johnson (1939)
Perfection Learning Prebound published The Hunt for Red October (1984)
Permabook published The Hunter (1962)
Permanent Press (NY) published An Occasional Hell (1993)
Perrotin published Notre-Dame de Paris (1844)
Picador published Critical Care (1992)
Picador published American Psycho (1991)
Picador published The Wonder Boys (1995)
Picador published Death of Napoleon (1991)
Picador published Invisible Circus (1995)
Picador published Elegy for Iris (1999)
Picador published The Hours (1997)
Picador published The Pianist (1999)
Picador published Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (1999)
Picador published No One Thinks of Greenland (2001)
Picador published The Good German (2001)
Picador published Running with Scissors: A Memoir (2002)
PICADOR (MACM) published Less Than Zero (1985)
PICADOR (MACM) published Metroland (1980)
PICADOR (MACM) published All the Pretty Horses (1992)
PICADOR (MACM) published Last Orders (1996)
PICADOR (MACM) published Mystic Masseur (1957)
PICADOR (MACM) published Ice Harvest (2000)
Picador USA published The Run of the Country (1991)
Pinnacle Books published Destroyer Series (1988)
Pinnacle Books published The Ex (1996)
Pinnacle Books published The Body (1983)
Playmore published The Man in the Iron Mask (1983)
Plaza y Janes published Cujo (1981)
Plexus Publishing published Panther (1995)
Plume published The Running Man: (story)
Plume published Billy Bathgate (1989)
Plume published Black Robe (1985)
Plume published M. Butterfly (play)
Plume published Shadowlands (1989)
Plume published Stonewall (1993)
Plume published Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang (1993)
Plume published Beloved (1987)
Plume published Father of Frankenstein (1995)
Plume published I'm Losing You (1996)
Plume published The Mammy (1994)
Plume published Jakob the Liar (1975)
Plume published Legally Blonde (2001)
Plume published I'm Losing You (1996)
Plume published Divorce, Le (1997)
Plume published Cavedweller (1998)
Plume Books published Cold Heaven (1983)
Pocket published The Breaker (1973)
Pocket published The Shining (1977)
Pocket published The Glendower Legacy (1978)
Pocket published Ghost Story (1979)
Pocket published The Hunger (1981)
Pocket published The Lonely Lady (1976)
Pocket published The Razor's Edge (1944)
Pocket published The Color Purple (1982)
Pocket published The Space Vampires (1976)
Pocket published The Majorettes (1979)
Pocket published Where Are the Children? (1983)
Pocket published Pet Sematary (1983)
Pocket published Jack in the Box (1980)
Pocket published Cabal (1988)
Pocket published Postcards from the Edge (1987)
Pocket published Single White Female (1990)
Pocket published Heaven's Prisoner (1988)
Pocket published Contact (1985)
Pocket published The Devil's Advocate (1990)
Pocket published Private Parts (1993)
Pocket published Pay It Forward (1999)
Pocket published Dreamcatcher (2001)
Pocket published If Only It Were True (2000)
Pocket published Sahara (1992)
Pocket published The Treatment (1998)
Pocket Book 662 published The Blank Wall (1940)
Pocket Books published The World According to Garp (1978)
Pocket Books published Dead Calm (1963)
Pocket Books published The Stalker (1987)
Pocket Books published The Object of My Affection (1987)
Pocket Books published The Fourth Angel (1984)
Pocket Books published The Incredible Hulk: (comic) (1978)
Pocket Books published The Hawk Is Dying (1973)
Pocket Star published The Manchurian Candidate (1959)
Pocket Star published The Amityville Horror (1977)
Pocket Star Books published In Her Shoes (2002)
Poolbeg Pr Ltd published Playboy and the Yellow Lady (1986)
Popular Library published Freeway (1978)
Popular Library published The Enchanted Isle (1985)
Popular Library published The Island of Dr. Moreau (1965)
Popular Library published Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936)
Poseidon Press published Family Business (1985)
Poseidon Press published Waterland (1983)
Precocious Pub Co published Crips: The Story of the L.A. Street Gang from 1971-1985 (1987)
Prentice-Hall published We Only Kill Each Other: The Life and Bad Times of Bugsy Siegel (1967)
Prestwick House Inc. published A Christmas Carol (2005)
Priory Books published The Three Way Split (1960)
Process published Permanent Midnight: A Memoir (1995)
Publishing Mills published Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream (1990)
Puffin published The Outsiders (1967)
Puffin published Matilda (1988)
Puffin published Someone Like You and That Summer (1998)
Puffin published Speak (1999)
PUFFIN (PENG) published Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (1971)
Puffin Books published Madeline (story) (1939)
Putnam published Finding Maubee (1971)
Putnam published Lolita (1955)
Putnam Pub Group (T) published The Pope of Greenwich Village (1979)
Putnam Pub Group (T) published Prayer for the Dying (1974)