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Publishers starting with the letter 'L'

L.S. Myers published The Hungry Bachelors Club (1994)
Landmark published War of the Roses (1981)
Langensch.-Hachette, M published Primary Colors (1996)
Laurel published White Hunter, Black Heart (1953)
Laurel Leaf published Tex (1979)
Laurel Leaf published Rumble Fish (1975)
Laurel Leaf published I Know What You Did Last Summer (1973)
Laurel Leaf published The Bumblebee Flies Anyway (1983)
Laurel Leaf published Eragon (2006)
Laurel Leaf published Killing Mr. Griffin (1978)
Laurel-Leaf Library published That Was Then, This is Now (1971)
Leisure Books published The Godsend (1976)
Levee Press published Pistol Pete: The Story of College Basketball's Greatest Star (1969)
Library of America published I Married a Dead Man (1948)
Listening Library (Audio) published Lord of the Flies (1954)
Listening Library (Audio) published Holes (1998)
Listening Library (Audio) published Around the World in 80 Days (2005)
Little Brown & Co (Juv) published Alias Madame Doubtfire (1987)
Little Brown & Co (P) published The Feud (1989)
Little Brown & Co (T) published Love and Other Natural Disasters (1982)
Little Brown and Company published Firefox (1977)
Little Brown and Company published Fair Game (1978)
Little Brown and Company published Fair Game (1978)
Little, Brown & Co. published Reuben, Reuben (1964)
Live Oak Media published Shrek (1990)
Lmh Publishing published The Lunatic (1985)
Longman published How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1957)
Lübbe published Trucks (story)