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Publishers starting with the letter 'C'

C. Scribner published The Odyssey: (poem) (1904)
Caedmon Audio Cassette published Children on Their Birthdays (story)
CAPE JONATHAN (RAND) published Ghost World (1997)
Carol Pub. Corp. published We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (story) (1990)
Carroll & Graf published Capote: A Biography (1988)
Carroll & Graf Pub published Good Father (1983)
Carroll & Graf Pub published Mr. North (1973)
Carroll & Graf Publishers published The Monster Club (1975)
Carroll & Graf Publishers published Best Defense (1984)
Carroll & Graf Publishers published A Kiss Before Dying (1953)
Carroll & Graf Publishers published An Awfully Big Adventure (1989)
Chicago Review Press : distributed by the Swallow Press published The Home Invaders: Confessions of a Cat Burglar (1975)
Chivers North America published Careful, He Might Hear You (1963)
Chronicle Books published The Night I Followed the Dog (1994)
Chrysalis Books Group published The Flight of Dragons (1979)
Citadel Press published Eat a Bowl of Tea (1979)
Citadel Press published Second Variety (story) (1991)
Citadel Press published Minority Report (story) (2002)
Citadel Press published Paycheck (story) (2003)
Clarke, Irwin, and Compnay Limited published Just Tell Me What You Want (1975)
Cliffs Notes published Phantoms (1983)
Collier Books published The Whistle Blower (1984)
Collins published Blue City (1947)
Collins published The White Hare (1936)
Collins Design published MirrorMask (story)
Companhia das Letras published O Que Isso, Companheiro? (1979)
Companhia das Letras published Spider (1990)
Companhia das Letras published Gone, Baby, Gone (1998)
ComteQ Publishing published Indecent Proposal (1989)
Constable published Shroud Society (1969)
Counterpoint Press published Heat and Dust (1975)
Crown published This is Your Life (1988)
Crown Publishing Group (NY) published Father Goose: One Man, a Gaggle of Geese, and Their Real Life Incredible Journey South (1995)