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Books published by Harper

Ecco (HarperCollins) published Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner (2000)
Harper published The Mummy Market (1966)
Harper & Row published The Witnesses (1971)
Harper & Row published Man, Woman and Child (1980)
Harper & Row Perennial Classic published Native Son (1940)
Harper and Row published In Country (1985)
HARPER COLLINS 1 PAP published Girl With a Pearl Earring (1999)
Harper Paperbacks published My Friend Flicka (1941)
Harper Paperbacks published Anna and the King of Siam (1944)
Harper Paperbacks published The Stepford Wives (1972)
Harper Paperbacks published Eye of the Needle (1978)
Harper Paperbacks published The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies (1981)
Harper Paperbacks published Brown's Requiem (1981)
Harper Paperbacks published Get Shorty (1990)
Harper Paperbacks published The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2000)
Harper Paperbacks published Clockers (2001)
Harper Paperbacks published Mystic River (2001)
Harper Perennial published Endless Love (1979)
Harper Perennial published La Casa de los Espíritus (1982)
Harper Perennial published The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (1983)
Harper Perennial published Phantom of the Opera (1988)
Harper Perennial published Affliction (1989)
Harper Perennial published The Safety of Objects: Stories (1990)
Harper Perennial published Mariette in Ecstasy (1991)
Harper Perennial published The Sweet Hereafter (1991)
Harper Perennial published Breakfast on Pluto (1998)
HARPER PERENNIAL published Bee Season (2000)
Harper Perennial published The Night Listener (2000)
HarperCollins published A Little Princess (1905)
Harpercollins published The Perez Family (1945)
HarperCollins published Cheaper by the Dozen (1948)
HarperCollins published Chronicles of Narnia (1950)
HarperCollins published Charlotte's Web (1952)
HarperCollins published The Naked Face (1970)
HarperCollins published The Trumpet of the Swan (1970)
HarperCollins published The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984)
Harpercollins published Remembering America: A Voice From the Sixties (1988)
HarperCollins published The Princess Diaries (2000)
HarperCollins published The Devil Wears Prada (2003)
HarperCollins published Series of Unfortunate Events, A (series) (2006)
Harpercollins (Mm) published Monkey Shines (1983)
Harpercollins Pub Ltd published The Last Ride (1995)
HarperCollins Publishers published Reaper (1998)
HarperEntertainment published Flight of the Phoenix (1964)
HarperPrism published The Dark Wind (1982)
HarperTorch published The Big Bounce (1969)
HarperTorch published Heartbreak Hotel (1976)
HarperTorch published Touch (1977)
HarperTorch published Burglar (1978)
HarperTorch published Cat Chaser (1982)
HarperTorch published Stick (1983)
HarperTorch published Shining Through (1988)
HarperTorch published Killshot (1989)
HarperTorch published Rum Punch (1992)
HarperTorch published Out of Sight (1996)
HarperTorch published High Crimes (1998)
HarperTrophy published Tom's Midnight Garden (1958)
HarperTrophy published The Man Without a Face (1972)
HarperTrophy published Alan and Naomi (1977)