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Authors starting with the letter 'D'

D. G. Compton wrote The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe (1974)
D. H. Lawrence wrote Kangaroo (1923)
Damon Runyon wrote Little Miss Marker (1979)
Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code (2003)
Dan Gordon wrote Murder in the First (1994)
Dan Greenburg wrote The Guardian (1987)
Dan Lewandowski wrote Worth Winning (1989)
Dan McCall wrote Jack the Bear (1974)
Dan Millman wrote Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives (1980)
Dan Tyler Moore wrote The Terrible Game (1957)
Dan Wakefield wrote Going All The Way (1970)
Daniel Clowes wrote Ghost World (1997)
Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe (2001)
Daniel Defoe wrote Moll Flanders (1959)
Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe (2001)
Daniel F. Galouye wrote Simulacron-3 (1964)
Daniel Lang wrote Casualties of War (1969)
Daniel Menaker wrote The Treatment (1998)
Daniel Odier wrote Diva (1979)
Daniel Wallace wrote Big Fish: A Novel of Mystic Proportions (1998)
Daniel Woodrell wrote Woe to Live On (1987)
Danielle Steel wrote Now and Forever (1978)
Darcy Cosper wrote Wedding Season (2004)
Dave Barry wrote Big Trouble (1999)
David Auburn wrote Proof (play) (2001)
David Baldacci wrote Absolute Power (1996)
David Brin wrote The Postman (1985)
David Cook wrote Second Best (1993)
David Garnett wrote Aspects of Love (1983)
David Guterson wrote Snow Falling On Cedars (1994)
David Henry Hwang wrote M. Butterfly (play)
David Morrell wrote First Blood (1972)
David Saperstein wrote Cocoon (1985)
David T. Friendly wrote Laws of Attraction (story)
Dean R. Koontz wrote Watchers (1987)
Dean R. Koontz wrote Whispers (1980)
Dean R. Koontz wrote The Servants of Twilight (1984)
Dean R. Koontz wrote Hideaway (1992)
Dean R. Koontz wrote Phantoms (1983)
Dean Southern Jennings wrote We Only Kill Each Other: The Life and Bad Times of Bugsy Siegel (1967)
Deanne Barkley wrote Freeway (1978)
Delia Ephron wrote Hanging Up (1995)
Dennis Lehane wrote Mystic River (2001)
Dennis Lehane wrote Gone, Baby, Gone (1998)
Derek Lambert wrote Touch the Lion's Paw (1975)
Desmond Bagley wrote Landslide (1967)
Desmond Bagley wrote The Vivero Letter (1968)
Desmond Lowden wrote Bellman and True (1975)
Desmond Lowden wrote Bellman and True (1975)
Devery Freeman wrote Father Sky (1979)
Diana Henstell wrote Friend (1985)
Diane Johnson wrote Divorce, Le (1997)
Diane Thomas wrote Romancing the Stone (1980)
Dick King-Smith wrote Babe: The Gallant Pig (1983)
Dodie Smith wrote The One Hundred and One Dalmations (1956)
Dodie Smith wrote I Capture the Castle (1948)
Dominique LaPierre wrote The City of Joy (1985)
Don Bredes wrote Hard Feelings (1977)
Don Tracy wrote Criss-Cross (1934)
Don Winslow wrote Death and Life of Bobby Z (1997)
Donald Bakeer wrote Crips: The Story of the L.A. Street Gang from 1971-1985 (1987)
Donald E. Westlake wrote Jimmy the Kid (1974)
Donald E. Westlake wrote Slayground (1971)
Donald E. Westlake wrote Why Me? (1983)
Donald E. Westlake wrote Two Much (1975)
Donald E. Westlake wrote The Hunter (1962)
Donald E. Westlake wrote What's the Worst that Could Happen? (1997)
Donald Goines wrote Never Die Alone (1974)
Dorothea Bennett wrote The Jigsaw Man (1976)
Dorothy Allison wrote Bastard Out of Carolina (1992)
Dorothy Allison wrote Cavedweller (1998)
Dorothy Porter wrote The Monkey's Mask (1994)
Douglas Adams wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979)
Douglas C. Jones wrote Winding Stair (1979)
Douglas Kennedy wrote The Dead Heart (1994)
Douglas Preston wrote Relic (1995)
Dr. Seuss wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1957)
Dr. Seuss wrote Cat in the Hat (1957)
Dyan Sheldon wrote Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (1999)