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Authors starting with the letter 'S'

S. E. Hinton wrote Tex (1979)
S. E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders (1967)
S. E. Hinton wrote Rumble Fish (1975)
S. E. Hinton wrote That Was Then, This is Now (1971)
Samuel Albert Taylor wrote Sabrina (1953)
Sara Paretsky wrote V. I. Warshawski Mystery Series
Sarah Dessen wrote Someone Like You and That Summer (1998)
Saul Bellow wrote Seize the Day (1984)
Scott Heim wrote Mysterious Skin (1995)
Scott Phillips wrote Ice Harvest (2000)
Scott Smith wrote A Simple Plan (1993)
Scott Sommer wrote Nearing's Grace (1979)
Scott Spencer wrote Endless Love (1979)
Scott Spencer wrote Waking the Dead (1986)
Scott Turow wrote Presumed Innocent (1987)
Sebastian Faulks wrote Charlotte Gray (1999)
Sebastian Junger wrote Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea (1997)
Selma Lagerl÷f wrote Jerusalem (1901)
Seth J. Margolis wrote Losing Isaiah (1993)
Shane Connaughton wrote The Run of the Country (1991)
Sharlene Baker wrote Finding Signs (1990)
Shawn Wong wrote American Knees (1995)
Sheila Ballantyne wrote Imaginary Crimes (1982)
Sheila Burnford wrote Homeward Bound (1961)
Shirley Jackson wrote The Haunting of Hill House (1959)
Sidney Sheldon wrote The Naked Face (1970)
Simon Brett wrote A Shock to the System (1984)
Simon Leys wrote Death of Napoleon (1991)
Simon Maginn wrote Sheep (1994)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote The Lost World (1912)
Sir Walter Scott wrote Rob Roy (1906)
Sol Yurick wrote Fertig (1966)
Stan Lee wrote Spider-Man (comic) (1997)
Stan Lee wrote The Incredible Hulk: (comic) (1978)
Stan Lee wrote Fantastic Four (comic)
Stanislaw Lem wrote Solaris (1961)
Stephen Coonts wrote Flight of the Intruder (1986)
Stephen Dobyns wrote The Two Deaths of Se˝ora Puccini (1988)
Stephen King wrote The Shining (1977)
Stephen King wrote The Crate and Weeds: (stories)
Stephen King wrote Christine (1983)
Stephen King wrote Cujo (1981)
Stephen King wrote Dead Zone (1979)
Stephen King wrote The Woman in the Room: (story)
Stephen King wrote Children of the Corn (story)
Stephen King wrote Firestarter (1980)
Stephen King wrote Cycle of the Werewolf (story)
Stephen King wrote Trucks (story)
Stephen King wrote The Body: (story)
Stephen King wrote The Raft: (story)
Stephen King wrote Pet Sematary (1983)
Stephen King wrote Graveyard Shift (story)
Stephen King wrote Misery (1987)
Stephen King wrote Cat From Hell (story)
Stephen King wrote The Lawnmower Man: (story)
Stephen King wrote The Dark Half (1989)
Stephen King wrote Needful Things (1991)
Stephen King wrote Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption (story) (1982)
Stephen King wrote The Boogeyman: (story)
Stephen King wrote Dolores Claiborne (1993)
Stephen King wrote The Mangler: (story)
Stephen King wrote Night Flier (story)
Stephen King wrote Apt Pupil (story)
Stephen King wrote The Green Mile (1996)
Stephen King wrote Hearts in Atlantis (1999)
Stephen King wrote Dreamcatcher (2001)
Stephen King wrote Riding the Bullet (story)
Stephen King wrote Secret Window, Secret Garden (1990)
Stephen Marlowe wrote The Death and Life of Miguel de Cervantes (1991)
Stephen McCauley wrote The Object of My Affection (1987)
Steve Horowitz wrote Calling Dr. Horowitz (1977)
Steve Martin wrote Shopgirl (2000)
Steve Niles wrote 30 Days of Night (2003)
Steve Shagan wrote The Formula (1979)
Steve Szilagyi wrote Photographing Fairies (1992)
Steven Hartov wrote The Heat of Ramadan (1992)
Steven Naifeh wrote Jackson Pollock: An American Saga (1989)
Steven Pressfield wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance: Golf and the Game of Life (1995)
Stroker Ace wrote Stand On It (1973)
Stuart Collins wrote Burndown (1989)
Stuart Kaminsky wrote Exercise in Terror (1985)
Sue Miller wrote The Good Mother (1986)
Sumner Locke Elliott wrote Careful, He Might Hear You (1963)
Susan Isaacs wrote Compromising Positions (1978)
Susan Isaacs wrote Shining Through (1988)
Susan Orlean wrote The Orchid Thief (1998)
Susan Swan wrote The Wives of Bath (1993)
Susanna Kaysen wrote Girl, Interrupted (1993)
Susanna Moore wrote In the Cut (1995)
Sven Hassel wrote The Misfit Brigade (1977)
Sydney Schanberg wrote The Death and Life of Dith Pran (1985)
Sylvia Nasar wrote A Beautiful Mind (1998)