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Authors starting with the letter 'F'

F. Paul Wilson wrote The Keep (1981)
F. X. Toole wrote Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner (2000)
Fannie Flagg wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café (1987)
Farley Mowat wrote Never Cry Wolf (1963)
Farley Mowat wrote The Snow Walker (1975)
Fay Weldon wrote The Life and Loves of a She-Devil (1984)
Ferdia MacAnna wrote The Last of the High Kings (1991)
Fernando Gabeira wrote O Que é Isso, Companheiro? (1979)
Florence Engel Randall wrote The Watcher in the Woods (1976)
Florence Montgomery wrote Misunderstood (2005)
Forrest Carter wrote The Education of Little Tree (1976)
Frances Burnett wrote The Secret Garden (1938)
Frances Burnett wrote A Little Princess (1905)
Frances Mayes wrote Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy (1996)
Francine Prose wrote Household Saint (1981)
Francis Stuart wrote The White Hare (1936)
Frank B. Gilbreth wrote Cheaper by the Dozen (1948)
Frank DeFord wrote Everybody's All American (1981)
Frank E. Peretti wrote Hangman's Curse (2001)
Frank E. Peretti wrote The Visitation (1999)
Frank Herbert wrote Dune (1965)
Frank Hohimer wrote The Home Invaders: Confessions of a Cat Burglar (1975)
Frank McCourt wrote Angela's Ashes (1996)
Frank Miller wrote Elektra (comic) (1990)
Frank Miller wrote Sin City (1992)
Frankcina Glass wrote Marvin and Tige (1977)
Franz Kafka wrote The Trial (1995)
Franz Lidz wrote Unstrung Heroes (1991)
Fred Waitzkin wrote Searching for Bobby Fischer (1988)
Frederic Lindsay wrote Jill Rips (1987)
Frederick Forsyth wrote The Dogs of War (1974)
Frederick Forsyth wrote The Fourth Protocol (1984)
Frederick Forsyth wrote The Day of the Jackal (1971)
Fredric Brown wrote Martians, Go Home (1955)
Friedrich Dürrenmatt wrote The Pledge (1959)
Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote Notes From Underground (1945)